Arts Greenhouse is a free hip-hop based arts education program serving Pittsburgh teens.  We believe in the power of creative expression, not only as a tool for personal growth and development, but also as a means of promoting a culturally rich, socially integrated community.

Featured Artists

Montell“Montell Fish” is a 17-year-old rapper from Pittsburgh. Just a fish, lost at sea. Don’t drown for too long. He attends City High Charter School, and considers himself a very (deep) young man with his own perceptions of life. “Music means freedom to me, I can be myself without having to care if someone is judging me for it because I ultimately make the music for myself. The message of the music I make for others, and I want to help others get a grip and what’s going on in this world. Arts greenhouse has been a great experience –I’ve gotten to meet new people, record in a great studio, and have grown more comfortable with live performances.”


MichaelMichael has been playing music all his life. At only 13, he can hold his own on at least 7 instruments already! Michael hopes to become a music producer one day.

Our participants are provided the resources, guidance, inspiration, and encouragement necessary to put their creativity to work.

Our workshops, held every Saturday throughout the school year at Carnegie Mellon University, go far beyond the music, touching on all genres of art and tackling tough social issues through discussions and workshops lead by a diverse group of instructors, student volunteers, visiting professors from humanities, drama, art and music and by professional artists from the local hip-hop community. With access to a state-of-the-art recording studio, students produce an album of original music and perform on campus and at venues throughout the community.



Classes are held every Saturday 1-5pm
College of Fine Arts Building at Carnegie Mellon University
Room 303
Classes are free to attend

Learn how to make beats, record vocals, and mix down your tracks in a state-of-the-art recording studio!

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Shad Ali

dsc_7764Shad Ali began writing creatively at age 9. Experimenting with poetry in personal journal entries, he found it to be a self-rewarding form of expression. Persisting to work on this hobby, his writing has become recognized as a developing talent in the Pittsburgh area. Since arriving on the local scene in 2011 with his first mixtape the Appetizer’s EP, Shad has continued to grow artistically and improve upon his prowess as an emcee.

A passion for music has passed through Shad’s family tree. His father, a visual artist, and avid fan of jazz, can be credited for Shad’s soft spoken delivery of lyrics and his knack for an often jazzy selection of hip-hop instrumentals. His dedication to the pen and notepad expanded upon being introduced by his older brother to many of the genres most praised lyricists. It was at this time, during his teenage years, that Shad’s curiosity guided him as a student of lyricism. He began researching the structure and usage of the words and stories told by varying artists. Shad’s uncanny ability to express emotion and vividly paint a picture with words can be directly attributed to his upbringing.

Shad is dedicated to his community and for the past 7 years has served as a mentor, teaching artist, and caseworker all while attempting to make people aware of his thought provoking musical work. Shad is intrinsically inspired by real life occurrences, happenings in the world, his dealings with women, successes, failures, regrets, friendship, love, his family life, and his neighborhood, Wilkinsburg PA.

Jeremiah Davis

jeremiahJeremiah Davis
is a native of Toledo, Ohio. He is a poet, rapper, and spoken word artist who has performed throughout the Greater Pittsburgh Area since 2008. He holds a BA in Business Marketing from the University of Pittsburgh, where he was a regular contributor for the on-campus magazine Blackline, as well as a host of multiple poetry events. Jeremiah has built a strong buzz in the Pittsburgh open mic scene performing spoken word and rapping at many different venues in the area. Along with volunteering with Arts Greenhouse, Jeremiah works for the Community Empowerment Association in Homewood.

We are located in room CFA-111, at the North end of the 1st floor of the College of Fine Arts building on the campus of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA.

If you would like to get involved with Arts Greenhouse as either a participant or volunteer, please contact us through the form below:



Arts Greenhouse
Shad Henderson, Head Instructor / Music Mentor

Tel: +1.412.606.0674 – Shad Ali
Tel: +1.419.252.0090 – Jeremiah Davis
Email: shadali320@gmail.com

Carnegie Mellon University
College of Fine Arts, Room CFA-111
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213 USA