At Arts Greenhouse (AG) we believe that expanding student engagement in the arts beyond what they already encounter in the classroom helps create well-informed, intelligent and involved citizens. We see art as the manifestation of human agency and autonomy in the world. Art is the way human beings understand their individual and collective relationship to history, culture, identity, community and social circumstances. Through increased self-awareness and intentionality, young adults can approach the arts with a greater appreciation for the diverse values and perspectives that artworks represent, which inherently leads to a greater appreciation for the diversity that makes up our planet.

          Arts Greenhouse is housed under Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and dedicated to the enrichment of Pittsburgh residents through arts and humanities education. With an emphasis on collaboration, technology, culture, and community, Arts Greenhouse is committed to providing resources that help individuals become well-rounded, well-prepared, and self-aware artists, professionals, and citizens.

          The arts and humanities have a looping relationship with people — they simultaneously direct and reflect the culture of the local and broader community, lending both influence and understanding to whomever utilizes them.

          As such, Arts Greenhouse is committed to a foundation of culturally responsive pedagogy and the use of pedagogical practices that promote art and art education as a social practice. To that end, we see the creative arts and humanities as mediums that enable individuals to develop clearer social awareness through exercises in collective art making that balance self-expression with activities that emphasize the inherently collective nature of all artistic endeavors and creation.