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Listen to some of the great sounds written, performed and produced by Arts Greenhouse students.

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Studio Lit

Read some of the creative writing that were written, edited and organized by Arts Greenhouse students.

Poetry is a crime that cannot be committed

Poetry is a bomb ready to explode

Poetry is emotion using words

Poetry is very warm and makes you sleepy

Poetry is like an oven with cookies in it

Poetry is like Coke and Mentos going to bust

Poems are like video games

Poetry is like water it can flow it can crash

Poetry is like a volcanic eruption

Poetry is a song with rhythm or with beats

Poetry is like seeing a snowstorm in the summer

Poetry is love at first sight

Poetry is like sipping a milkshake in a snowstorm

—a collaborative poem by the Schiller creative writers (group 1)

What a Poem Is

Poems are in every sentence of speech.

Poetry is describing events in life.

A poem is baking soda and vinegar bout to explode

A poem is the beginning of my day going bad.

Poems are like eating cake: I don’t like it

When I read poetry I feel like I’m in cold water in the middle of summer

Poetry is like a rocket ready to take off

Volcanoes are our heart and soul, when the lava is the poetry

A poem is an intense way of expressing feelings

A poem is happiness, violence, and anger

Poetry is a paper with words on it

Poetry is an egg ready to crack

—a collaborative poem by the Schiller creative writers (group 2)